Cuny Protest Showcase

Faculty protesting in front of CUNY Office

The City University’s of New York consist of roughly 25,000 faculty and professional staff members. These faculty members have not seen a raise in over 5 years and have been without a contract since 2010. Of these P115064525,000 faculty members several hundreds came out to protest on November 4th for the right to receive a raise and a contract. This has been an ongoing battle between the Professional Staff Congress which is the union that represents the faculty. There’s a common theme between professor in CUNY which is they are fed up with how they are not being recognized for their work. “We are tired of this if we don’t get a contract the students will help us to shut it down,” said Anthony Gronowicz a professor from the Borough of ManhaP1150657ttan Community College.  If we look at CUNY’S overall budget we see that Forty-five percent of CUNY’s $3.2 billion budget comes from the state. The other 10% comes from the city. While the other 45 percent is paid off by tuition. This may better help to understand how CUNY is receiving and help to understand how they are allocating their money. With Students giving a little less than half of CUNY’s budget many are upset that the teachers they are getting aren’t receiving the proper funding which in return can affect their education. “CUNY is not paying teachers which mean students are getting the best quality from their professors,” said Nikolai Jackson a Brooklyn College student.


CUNY has 20 senior/community colleges scattered throughout New York City. Of those 20 schools the faculty is predominately adjuncts compared to fulltime staff. This benefits CUNY because adjuncts only make a third of what a full time staffer would make. These adjuncts can affect students because when professors feel they are more at risk at they tend to do less innovative teaching.

CUNY offered a 6% raise that would go along with a contract. No agreement has been made yet but this is what CUNY had to say.

“The dedicated faculty and staff of The City University of New York are key to preparing an educated citizenry and workforce for the City and State of New York and it is important that we reach agreement on a contract long out of date.”

Protestors sat in front of the CUNY offices blocking the entrance and exit way. The faculty shouted “CUNY NEEDS A RASIE.” Police officers warned them numerous times to stand up and get away from the entrance. They did not comply and several dozen of them were arrested at the scene. There was no violence and the faculty knew they would eventually be arrested.

There will be continuing conversations between them both and they will continue to discuss contract deals. The link to the full story is below:


Is VR a Watershed Moment in Journalism?

There have always been breakthrough moments in our society. The creation of electricity, radios, televisions, and telephones have all been watershed moments in our society. Now the question is “Virtual Reality” one of those moments? Take a look at this video below this is some of the types of video you can watch.

This is changing the way videos are being seen today. Everyone can watch the same video and see a different perspective. That’s the most exciting thing about this any two people can watch the same video and being focus on something completely different. But will this affect other aspects then just the way we watch videos? Check this out:


It’s changing the way athletes even train. This helps athletes prepare for in game situations like never before. This will help evolve the performance of athletes getting some in game situations. It may very well change the way we see journalism as well.

Does a world like this scare you? Well this is what the future of journalism looks like. The New York Times has now built an app that’s very interactive where you use virtual reality to tell a story.

What are your thoughts? ..


Spike Lee

Those were the words of Spike Lee weather you like it or not it does hold some truths. Gentrification changes neighborhoods weather it be for better or worse. I’m personally conflicted on the issue because as a kid growing up in NY I want my neighborhood to change for the better but I would hope that doesn’t mean that the folks living in their homes have to leave. Unfortunately in my eyes I think neighborhoods are changing in favor of those who have money and will only get better with those of higher socioeconomic class.

I find it strange how certain papers will address the issue. The New York Times for example will talk about the changing of a neighborhood for the good but won’t mention how it affects the current residents. While other papers will address the issue head on and bring light to the problem.

Fall Weather

Fall weather hits the campus and you can’t ask for anything more beautiful. This fall is predicted to be a warm fall and you can’t help but enjoy the weather outside. Brace yourself for some cold air but the overall feeling is that you’ll have a cool feeling.

Fall weather means so many holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Looking for Halloween ideas go out there and search the city of New York. Looking to prepare a dish for Thanksgiving just go online and check some different places.

This may be the greatest time of year to enjoy the outdoors in the cool but warm temperature.

The Times Have Changed

The times of newspapers only containing articles is a thing of the past. We are now at a time when social media, videos, and interactive graphics are all part of the news. Buphoto_317-240x300t how did this change go about and who played a major role in that change?

I’ll tell you who Ann Derry! She played a huge part in that change.  Derry founded and led web video at The New York Times, overseeing its implementation throughout the organization. She helped start The Times video department, which produces news and feature programs for and external platforms.

She developed signature Times web documentaries, series, and programs. She created and executed strategies to market, monetize and distribute video across multiple platforms, and oversaw the doubling of video streams and the quadrupling of video revenue from 2012 to 2013.

She’s won multiple awards such as Overseas Press Club Awards and Emmy awards.


Silicon Valley 2.0

(Photo via Flickr)

New York is becoming the new mecca for technology.  According to a recent New York Post article the technology sector has opened up thousands of jobs here in the big apple and that number continues to keep rising. Many compare this technology growth to Silicon Valley. Although they show similarities their are differences between both.

Both focus on two different aspects of technology. New York focuses more on software while in California they focus on setting trends in the tech world. The tech world keeps becoming more and  more vital in New York today. The tech world is vital because it’s helping the New York economy grow, employ more people, and also helping to pay for basic services.

The growth of technology in our world today is becoming more and more vital. Mayor Bill de Blasio is now starting to make it a point of emphasis to let students of today understand how important technology is today. This past May De Blasio discussed some of the startups and how important they are.

With the ever growing technology in New York it is only inevitable that New York takes over in the world of technology. This growth will continue to make significant changes to all of the tech world.We still cannot forget how much has gone into Silicon Valley and how we will continue to have to follow through with it’s growth.

Irish and Italians in New York

Paul Moses, a Brooklyn College graduate, returned to CUNY in 2001 after a 23-year career in daily journalism. He recently wrote a book describing the history of Irish and Italians in New York. He recently was interviewed by WNYC and he describes their relationships when first coming into NYC.

Paul Moses tells how two of America’s largest ethnic groups learned to work with each other through tough times. The book talk about the various locations ht Irish and Italians fought such as the Catholic Church, at construction sites, and even in the streets.

In his book Moses discusses that Irish and Italians were made to seem that they were only immigrants and there was no way they could be considered American. He compares it to the Mexicans of today how they are demonized and made to feel less.

The relationship between the two cultures starts off rough but the similarities between both groups start to bring the groups together and lead them to become closer and closer. Moses eloquently describes the relationship and growth of both groups to create a captivating story about the two groups and the progression between both.

The racial tension between both escalates the drama but the storytelling puts it into a different perspective that you would have not got otherwise. Moses is a top notch writer who clarifies exactly what it means to be Italian or Irish at the time. This book will have you your eyes glue throughout.