Is VR a Watershed Moment in Journalism?

There have always been breakthrough moments in our society. The creation of electricity, radios, televisions, and telephones have all been watershed moments in our society. Now the question is “Virtual Reality” one of those moments? Take a look at this video below this is some of the types of video you can watch.

This is changing the way videos are being seen today. Everyone can watch the same video and see a different perspective. That’s the most exciting thing about this any two people can watch the same video and being focus on something completely different. But will this affect other aspects then just the way we watch videos? Check this out:


It’s changing the way athletes even train. This helps athletes prepare for in game situations like never before. This will help evolve the performance of athletes getting some in game situations. It may very well change the way we see journalism as well.

Does a world like this scare you? Well this is what the future of journalism looks like. The New York Times has now built an app that’s very interactive where you use virtual reality to tell a story.

What are your thoughts? ..



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