Silicon Valley 2.0

(Photo via Flickr)

New York is becoming the new mecca for technology.  According to a recent New York Post article the technology sector has opened up thousands of jobs here in the big apple and that number continues to keep rising. Many compare this technology growth to Silicon Valley. Although they show similarities their are differences between both.

Both focus on two different aspects of technology. New York focuses more on software while in California they focus on setting trends in the tech world. The tech world keeps becoming more and  more vital in New York today. The tech world is vital because it’s helping the New York economy grow, employ more people, and also helping to pay for basic services.

The growth of technology in our world today is becoming more and more vital. Mayor Bill de Blasio is now starting to make it a point of emphasis to let students of today understand how important technology is today. This past May De Blasio discussed some of the startups and how important they are.

With the ever growing technology in New York it is only inevitable that New York takes over in the world of technology. This growth will continue to make significant changes to all of the tech world.We still cannot forget how much has gone into Silicon Valley and how we will continue to have to follow through with it’s growth.


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