Irish and Italians in New York

Paul Moses, a Brooklyn College graduate, returned to CUNY in 2001 after a 23-year career in daily journalism. He recently wrote a book describing the history of Irish and Italians in New York. He recently was interviewed by WNYC and he describes their relationships when first coming into NYC.

Paul Moses tells how two of America’s largest ethnic groups learned to work with each other through tough times. The book talk about the various locations ht Irish and Italians fought such as the Catholic Church, at construction sites, and even in the streets.

In his book Moses discusses that Irish and Italians were made to seem that they were only immigrants and there was no way they could be considered American. He compares it to the Mexicans of today how they are demonized and made to feel less.

The relationship between the two cultures starts off rough but the similarities between both groups start to bring the groups together and lead them to become closer and closer. Moses eloquently describes the relationship and growth of both groups to create a captivating story about the two groups and the progression between both.

The racial tension between both escalates the drama but the storytelling puts it into a different perspective that you would have not got otherwise. Moses is a top notch writer who clarifies exactly what it means to be Italian or Irish at the time. This book will have you your eyes glue throughout.


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