West Indiana Parade Racial Injustice

Another West Indian Parade turned violent again this year. The question now is should the parade be banned all together? According to the media which highlights all the negatives about the parade;it should be stopped. These types of video lead us to believe that these parades are only filled with violence.

If you watch this video you see that they start off the story they focus on the worst parts of the parade instead of talking about what the parade does for the community and the sense of pride the Parade gives to those who are part of the West Indian Parade.

Another reason that the West Indian Parade got a bad reputation is because of the shooting of Carey Gaby, who was the aid of Governor Cuomo. Gaby was unfortunately in the mix of a crossfire and was shot by a stray bullet. I understand the magnitude of the accident and how no shooting should be accepted but my question is would this have been as big of a deal to the rest of the city if there was two random people who were shot.

Why is it that when it’s a gathering of people of colors the media portrays the crowds as thugs and just looking for trouble but when it’s reversed the media makes the situation smaller.


(Photo by Eric Parker via Flickr)

Why aren’t images like this being shown in the media to show people who are enjoying their culture at a festival. Would we say the Thanksgiving parade should be cancelled because of random acts of violence? I highly doubt that would happen. But could it be that as a society we feel uncomfortable with the West Indian Parade because of the way that the culture dresses or the way they dance. This is an injustice if it is the case.


(Photo by Eric Parker via Flickr)

The land of the free really seems to have it’s limits on freedom of expression. I think a few bad apples can ruin what is a great experience for many others. Once we stop the generalization of the masses by the few I think we can make sure there are significant changes


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