Age of Transformation


How many of us journalist have heard the saying “Journalism is dying?” I know I’ve heard it more than a dozen times but that’s not the case at all. Transformation is what’s happening. Journalism is transforming from typical journalism to one that’s a lot more complicated. This type of journalism is sometimes referred to as the digital age. Where now people consumer journalism through cell phones and social media rather than traditional news outlets.

As Mark Briggs puts it in his book “Journalism Next”  we have to start think of it as “bottom-up” journalism instead of “top-down.” What does that mean? It means that now it isn’t the top news stations delivering there audience the news but its these new independent stations delivering the news for the people. The process is messy throughout change but journalism can thrive.

Now for us young journalist we are the driving force to keep the conversation going.


We can keep the conversation going through so many outlets now weather it be through using social media to reach out to others and share the word. But more importantly we can keep blogs and write on aspects that are important in our community. Journalism is all about interaction between the publisher and his audience. It’s not just a one way conversation and the new wave of journalism helps there audience keep the conversation going.

Blogs have changed web journalism. They have evolved the conversation but not only is blogging the way to go but micro blogging as well. Micro blogging is usually sending out a brief overview of breaking news usually under 160 characters  sort of like a text message to get your point across. This helps to curate in formation so that the most important conversation is being had.

Now with social media like Twitter you can see all the information that is out there in an instant moment. It is instant new news happening right in front of our eyes. Now you may be wondering how do you know which information is reliable on twitter?

Well one of the ways to start figuring out what is the most reliable source is fact checking those who are posting. You can see if they are a reliable source by checking if they can be trusted. You can look at what they have posted recently and all these factors will help you evaluate whether what they are saying is true or not.

So is Journalism dying?

Tradition journalism is phasing out and now is evolving into something that better informs citizens. The age of the internet is the age of transformation in which social media, blogs, and citizen journalist are keys to being informed. Now we no longer follow the agenda of what news corporations want us to hear but the agenda of the people. This new age will evolve how we listen, talk, and react to news and if we keep learning from each other journalism will be the strongest form of DEMOCRACY!


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